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purchase here Wilt x Michael Palace x Mark Wilson: Monoliths :: Part 4 net release
purchase here Wilt x Jorge Castro x Mark Wilson x M. Peck: Monoliths :: Part 2 net release
5€ Abschied cassette
download here (free) For dAs and Ninah net release
purchase here ...Making Way For the Future 12 x 3" CDR
5€ From Below 3" CDR
5€ Interpretations cassette
purchase here Thomas Park and Conure: Spacial Rework CD
purchase here For the Benefit of Others DL*(track)
download here (free) Surrounded By Pages net release
download here (free) Cobblestones and Heels net release
8€ Strings, Locations CD
purchase here Thomas Park and Conure: Fragments and Connections CD
download for free/purchase CDR here Hidden Blinds net release/CDR
8€ Stream CD
5€ Resonance CDR
5€ Street of Errs CDR (split with Thomas Dimuzio & Andre Custodio)
download FLAC / MP3 release (free) Conure/Kenji Siratori: Heteromania net release
8€ The Generation of Our Grandfathers CD
purchase here 8​/​14​/​05: TIF Livenoise Series #6 DL*(ep)
purchase here An Act of Selfishness DL*(ep)
purchase here Scanning Channels DL*(album)
8€ 49 Minutes (Until Release) CD
purchase here After They're Gone DL*(album)
purchase here Last Walk DL*(album)
purchase here Collected and Unheard DL*(album)
purchase here Frustration DL*(album)
purchase here Faulty Mic DL*(track)
5€ Dark Pathways Vol. 2: Eclipse CDcomp (with Conure remix)
5€ t-shirt (large only - click here for design)

*Items marked DL are sold out physical releases (or appeared on them) that are still available to purchase as a download.

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Germany: one item: 3.50€ / 2 or more items: 4.5€ flat

EU outside of Germany: 10€ flat

rest of world: 16€ flat

(Unfortunately, Germany drastically raised postage rates at the beginning of 2019.)

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