FORMAT RELEASE (from newest to oldest)
net release Five Muted
3" CDR Intrusive
3" CDR Notes on a Spinning Table
net release Conure and DJ_Iterate: TOXMAP::
::(download for free here)
CD/cassette Extended Story (Not What it Seems)
net release Wilt: Monoliths
net release Wilt x Michael Palace x Mark Wilson: Monoliths :: Part 4
net release Wilt x Jorge Castro x Mark Wilson x M. Peck: Monoliths :: Part 2
cassette Abschied
net release For dAS and Ninah::
::(download for free here)
12 x 3" CDR box ...Making Way For the Future
3" CDR From Below
CD? Zenith (searching for label)
cassette Sendings
cassette Interpretations
net release/CD Thomas Park and Conure: Spacial Rework
net release Surrounded By Pages::
::(download for free here)
net release Cobblestones and Heels::
::(download for free here)
net release/CD Thomas Park and Conure: Fragments and Connections
net release/CDR Hidden Blinds::
::(download for free/purchase cdr here)
CD Strings, Locations
cassette Rings of Smoke Through the Trees: Rings of Smoke Through the Trees
cassette Conure and 15 Degrees Below Zero: Conure and 15 Degrees Below Zero
CD Stream
CDR Resonance
CDR Thomas Dimuzio & Andre Custodio/Conure: Street of Errs
net release Conure/Kenji Siratori: Heteromania::
::(download free zipped FLAC/MP3 album)
CD The Generation of Our Grandfathers
3" CDR 8/14/05: TIF Livenoise Series #6
3" CDR An Act of Selfishness
CDR Scanning Channels
CD 49 Minutes (Until Release)
CDR After They're Gone
CDR Last Walk
CDR Collected and Unheard
CDR Conure vs. Fuck the Facts: Conure vs. Fuck the Facts
CDR Frustration
cassette Conure/LHDSWTE: Split
CDR Imperial Floral Assault Unit / Goose / Conure / Stolen Light: Split